lördag 23 juli 2011

There and back again, an archer's tale by Robin Eriksson.

Day 1, 2, 3 published below.

Day 4. At the buts.

Today it rained when we woke up. It had been a thunderstorm in the night.

This is good for us, the weather is cooler and our yew bows perform much better when it’s not hot and dry. The time is 11:27(05:57) and it’s only 29 degrees in the shade! I’m sitting and writing in our shed at the shooting field, waiting for my third shoot. It’s going pretty well for me. We are shooting four arrows at sixty meters and so far I’ve scored 13 and 12 points. And to be honest I am not impressed by the other classes. Many of them are shooting fibreglass bows and carbon fibre arrows, so much for traditional...

The referee treats us like idiots, running around, speaking Chinese like we understand everything as clear as water, pointing and blowing his whistle like a “whistle Führer” .

22:24. Lying in bed at the hotel. My third shoot was my worst. We just came back from lunch, which was the best so far, some kind of Chinese meatballs(with of course some bone splinters and sinews, as usual) and when we arrived at the buts they had already started without me so I had to stress away and only scored two points...

After that they moved the targets to 40 meters and it felt much easier but in Sweden, 40 meters is far away. Now Bengt started to close in on my me and we have to wait until tomorrow for the results and to shoot our last four arrows. I’ve started to wonder in which class we are shooting since no one asked us, they just whistle and point...

I skipped dinner in the hotel for a quick nap and was glad I did so. Bengt said it was chicken-head-soup and fish-head-soup. For some hours ago we joined the Romanians for a BBQ hunt. Some Chinese archers accompanied us to a street “grill” with sheep heads lying around in the sun with flies all over; we turned back and started searching. It was really hard but at last we found it. The first two floors were a construction site but we got a private room and it was the best food I tasted on the whole trip.

Now I’m going to sleep for the first time in days without being hungry.

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