onsdag 13 juli 2011

There and back again, an archer's tale by Robin Eriksson.

Day 1 and 2 published below…

Day 3, the eye in the street.

Sitting I the shade and the time is 15:57 (09:57 back in Sweden), the temperature is 36 degrees Celsius and we are at an altitude of approximately 2050 meters. A lot of waiting…

And most of the archers were dressed up in their tradition clothes. A couple from South America was dressed in big native Indian feather headdresses and Chrissie and Glennan wore their beautiful Tudor clothes. I and Bengt wore our red and black livery clothes. After breakfast we went by bus to the stadium for the big opening ceremony.

It was crazy, people everywhere who waited to pose with us for pictures and wanted us to sign their clothes or arms.

We paraded out in the arena with our little sign-carrying-girl in front of us. 3000 people were there to look at us, they released pigeons, shot fireworks and orchestras were playing.

After that we sat down to watch a huge show performed by all Ledu’s schoolchildren, but it was all in Chinese and we were dying of thirst and heat. Luckily Chris (a guy from Canada, who spoke Chinese fluently) brought packs of bottled water!

When we waited for the bus back to the hotel the mob gathered and demanded more autographs and photos.

Well back at the hotel it was time for lunch! The same food again, except this time we also had rice and bread! Bengt said, you could sort out some good pieces of meat from a stew to eat with the rice.I started to look in the pot for pieces of meat without bone fragments or sinews but I walked away after a big eye stared up at me from the mess… Luckily the steady amount of alcohol gives me the nutrition I need.

And of we were to practice… We had to wait two damned hours in 36 degrees heat to shoot four bloody arrows at 60 meters and four at 40 meters!

At this time we started to get sick of not getting any information about anything. Luckily, back at the hotel the Rumanians had bought some beers. We had a bottle and afterwards some of us took a walk in the city. First we saw a barbecue stand with whole goat heads and a cow stomach. After that we crossed a branch of the Yellow river and the smell was awful.

They are building new skyscrapers in every street but at the same time buildings falls to ruins besides them. Like whatever… ( or face bothered as Glennan would have said J)

On the way back to the hotel we saw an eye lying on the pavement outside a butcher’s shop…

We had some dinner at the hotel. The same damned food again!

In the night one of the Chinese who thought he could speak English like a god took us for a tour to look for a bar. After an hour or so he told us all the bars were closed today because of the competition… At this time I could stand up sleeping. Christian, one of the Rumanians was very stubborn in finding a bar so we kept looking without our “guide”. We looked in streets named “Robbery Alley”, “Rape Street” and in the “No light District”.

Before I got to bed I ate a piece of Rumanian dried sausage, made my day…

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