onsdag 22 oktober 2014

Happy birtday!

We are happy to be five years as a company!

And we are also happy to announce our new webepage! http://saintsebastian.se

The discussion to start a group was initiated spring 2009 at skjut och njut.
When we started the company five years ago I don't think any of us thought we would grow so fast and in the "right" direction as we have done. It's been like a dream come true! We have experienced a lot of things together and visited many exiting places.

One of our first apperances as a group, Varbergs fortress 2010.
The founders of the company, me (Robin), Jonas and Göran started this blog five years ago. The idea from the beginning was to be a small group, maybe five-six light armoured arches, living in small soldier's tents and cooking over a small fire. This didn't last long... Since then we have increased to twelve members and a few recruits. And as you can figure out the camp had to grow as well. But we have reached our goal, to increase the quality of the historic archery in Sweden(the world?). Archers aren't that popular in the living history society but I hope we have taken this to another level.

Me and Bengt went to China in 2011 for a traditional archery tournament.
Here is some of the first posts we made on this blog: http://sebastianarchers.blogspot.se/search?updated-max=2010-06-22T14:04:00-07:00&max-results=7&start=28&by-date=false

If you have time, you can see the journey we have made through the years here.
Mariefred 2012. The combat are staring to improve a lot by now.
The equipment have been a lot better as well. From 40 lbs laminate bows to 110 lbs Italian yew warbows, from crappy India-made helmets to helmets made by famous armourers, from unarmoured and unarmed to brigandines, plate and custom made swords and warhammers.

Starting to look good! Spring meeting 2013.

We have also grown as a company. It's not just putting up some tents and having a barbeque anymore. Someone have to be in charge and orders must be obeyed to have 10 to 15 persons functioning together. I think we all have learned this from the summers adventures and hopefully we will be better at this in the future!
Hopefully we will have the same positive trend in the future!  
Oslo 2014.