fredag 4 juli 2014

Guests at the Company of Saynt George march. Part 3, behind enemy lines.

Part 1 and 2 is published below.
In the beginning of June some of us was participating in a GoSG march south of Stockholm.  This is my interpretation of the events that occurred deep in the Swedish woods.

Mustering the troops.
Day three. Rise and shine. with the threat from last night on his mid the captain decided to tackle this peasant rabble by taking shortcut through rough and unexpected terrain. The terrain forced us to take many breaks to stay fresh for the fight who was inevitable.

Fleeing peasants.
Our archer company was on point and we could feel that the forest had eyes. On the side of the road, a archer was tied to a tree. This sight made the captain command the whole company on a line, sweeping the forest in front of us. I ran to aid the brave but captured soldier. Suddenly, a crazy looking, bearded handgunner jumped out behind a tree and fired a ha
ndgun in my general direction. Luckily for me, the inbreed peasant couldn't hit a barn if he was standing inside it. Our whole force pressed on, driving the fleeing rabble close in front of us so they couldn't reload. The enemy made their last stand at a fortified hill with dense forest.

Our company along with the Burgundians made a flanking manoeuvre to strike the enemy on their right. Our archers shot their arrows and pinned the rabble down while the centre advanced and took several prisoners. The infantry kept pressing on, chasing the once again fleeing peasants while we escorted the prisoners. One local nobleman, his man-at-arms and his squire along with some handgunners came along to our final camp.

Keeping contact with the main force is
hard in the dense woods while flanking

Another great evening in good company with good food and drink. 
And all involved did a great job!

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