måndag 31 mars 2014

Some thoughts on archery equipment

I've been looking at some manuscripts in search for archery equipment.
Maybe some kind of wickerwork inside this rather big bag.
By Diebold Schilling.
Some kind of device to carry the arrows must have existed. It's easy to put a bundle of small and light target arrows in your belt but when you put more than 6 heavy war arrows in your belt it becomes awkward and arrows fall out or becomes tangled in other equipment. For some years ago some of our company members made arrow bags with a wicker construction inside so the bag would keep its shape. But I don't know, the bag is a bit big and cumbersome... So I started to search for an arrow bag that could be constructed with the kind of spacers found on the Mary Rose and found Anciennes et nouvelles chroniques d'Angleterre from 1470-1480. It has several pictures of archers and many of them are wearing some kind of arrow bag. And as it seems that all the bags can be opened in both ends. 

 I decided to try this out and made a reconstruction from the videos Nick Birmingham made(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkYaMAdgBKI). The bag works fine and it feels like this could have been something that would have existed...

My own reconstruction.

Some other interesting things a found in the manuscript is this. Some kind of sash or cloth tied around the hip. Only archers wear this and I've seen it only in this manuscript. My first thought was that it is some kind of bag tied around the waist!? When I started shooting longbow several years ago, it didn't take long time before I asked my mom to sew a bag for my bow. So I could carry it on my back. I then painted it with linseed oil and bees wax to make it weatherproof. And why wouldn't the medieval archer do the same? But I haven't seen it anywhere. But when I look again, I don't' know... It doesn't look like it's tube shaped, maybe just the painters own creations.

Wait here's another one, of Hans Memling, and not an archer... Bugger...

If anyone have any ideas on this or have seen it someplace else, let me know!

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  1. Hello, I love the image of the arrow bag that is laying on the ground that you use above. I haven't had any luck finding the original so I can site it. Where did you find it?